Tuesday, December 22, 2009

what the horror?!

I'll admit this much: I hate horror movies. I despise them. I wish nobody have come up with them. But who am I to say anything about it...after all, I'm the only member of the family who cowers behind a cushion or silently sneaks out of the room while everybody else is engrossed in the movie...

But seriously, what's with horror movies nowadays? I mean, just last night I watched "Drag Me to Hell" and I wasn't impressed. Sure, there were some creepy moments or moments that made my mum and sis scream (okay, I screamed too..), but most of the time it was unscary to the point of being plain funny. There were some real laugh out loud scenes; like when the old lady's eyes popped out or when the main character sprayed blood from her nose all over her boss like a spray paint can. It was as if the creators of the show couldn't decide whether to make a comedy or a horror movie!

Overall, the plot was as thin as Liverpool's title-winning hopes (read: very thin indeed) an
d the movie relied on cheap sound effects and graphics worthy of a Tom and Jerry cartoon. What the horror?!

What happened to movies like The Ring (which made me afraid of television screens for a long time) or those creepy Korean horror movies with their incomprehensible plots (what is with Koreans and twisting plots? Boys over Flowers, anyone?), or even Thai horrors, low-budget as they are?

Apologies if this entry looks like a movie review. It is not. I just
have to speak up against this deterioration of horror quality. As someone afraid of horror movies by nature, at least give me something genuinely scary to be afraid of!!! Argh! Do you know how frustrating this is for me?!

Speaking about horror, my sister's reaction when told that the PMR results are coming out tomorrow: