Sunday, August 23, 2015

Team Islam


We shall
support Islam
like we support a football team:
We shall
bully into submission
people who have views we don't agree with;
to show you just how powerful we are.
We shall
yell bigoted slurs
in public places and social networks;
to show you just how un'apologetic' we are.
We shall
not shy away
from slander and labeling others;
to show you just how righteous we are.

said a wise friend of mine (paraphrased):
"If you can't find answers to the questions against your faith,
then you should question what sort of faith you have"

in Islam, iman (faith)
doesn't just embrace a person's heart,
it also engages the person's intellect.

In other words,
we do not support Islam
like we support a football team;
blind, emotional support
merely because we were born into the religion.

We cannot support Islam
like we support a football team;
because if we do we will be far from
being warriors of Islam,
and closer to being hooligans.

And hooliganism is a symptom
of a lack of self-esteem;
itself a manifestation
of a lack of knowledge;
brought about
by a lack of asking questions.

Your questions will not
'ruin' Islam somehow;
this God-given Deen is complete enough
to always have an answer.

Have faith in that.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Muhasabah Rusholme


It's easy to walk down the street
and complain.

Complain about
the litter on the ground,
the inconsiderate drivers,
the unsmiling faces of passers-by.

It's society's fault,
all of this. Always.

It's easy to complain;
difficult to actually DO SOMETHING.
Like pick up that litter,
or drive properly
or smile.

But how can you complain about the problem
when you are not part of the solution?