Saturday, May 28, 2016

Babies, Yu Yi and Prayer

Perhaps in how we perform our prayers, 
we should be learn from babies
to feel yu yi;
to live in the now.

They who have yet to learn how to crawl,
and so are not always in a rush to go somewhere;
They who have yet to learn how to say "me",
and so are not always busy thinking about themselves;
They who have yet to learn how to plan ahead,
and so are not always occupied about
what to do now,
in 5 minutes,
in 5 years.

Perhaps in how we perform our prayers,
we should learn from babies,
who live knowing they are
dependent fully on others.

They who have yet to learn how to feed themselves,
and so cry desperately whenever hungry
knowing instinctively that
survival depends entirely on the mercy of others.

They who have not yet forgotten how to be dependent,
have not yet fallen for the illusion that 
whatever they have in life
is there only because of their effort
instead of the mercy of God.

To live in the now,
and in total reliance on Him;
perhaps we need to learn from babies
in how we perform our prayers.

For what is prayer but a desperate cry
to the One whose mercy 
we are totally reliant upon?

"Ist es nicht schön?"

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Let's weigh the pros and cons of the actor playing the suicide bomber shouting "Allahu Akbar" before the simulated bomb explosion.

- The Greater Manchester Police says it is to make the simulation more "realistic". 
(A questionable pro at best, and I can't think of ANY other advantages.)

- using a phrase Muslims say in prayer everyday, associating it with an act of terror,
- legitimises - makes "realistic" - the narrative that extremist groups promote: that killing innocent lives is an act of worship in Islam.
- it makes explicit the implicit idea that Islam, at best, predisposes to terrorist acts; and at worst, actively encourages it
- all in all, alienating the very community, Muslims, that the police should be reaching out to and working together with in order to combat terrorism

Ironic that a counter-terrorism exercise contributes to the very terrorism it plans to counter.
I congratulate the GMP for admitting their mistake and apologizing for it.