Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Placement to Happiness

“OFFER LETTERS Threaten to Tear the Very Fabric of KMB Society”
BANTING: Emotions run high and friendships strained as a portion of the KMB student population receives offer letters from foreign universities. An emerging divide between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have-nots’ threatens to tear D’Batch into two warring factions.
The recent IUMC placement announcement, in particular, has led to the emergence of a large chunk of discontented students ready to strike out with violent acts. Those who have received such offers, on the other hand, live in fear of those who did not. Meanwhile, a third group of those ‘in the balance’ (awaiting an offer letter) are caught in between.
As tension continues to mount, students have resorted to panic buying everywhere from the dormitories to the college Kooperasi. A faulty ATM has not helped in calming frayed nerves. All this has occurred in anticipation of a college-wide outbreak of chaos.
“Yes, the koop has seen sales go up in the last few days,” commented Kuchai (name changed to protect identity), former ALK member-turned-economic analyst. “But hey, its nothing personal, just business” he added with a grin.
The current MPP, expecting a Second Year revolt, has bolstered security. Checks on the MPP financial record reveal the purchase of bullet-proof windows for the MPP office, highlighting the potential magnitude of the imminent mayhem. The head of the Public Relations Bureau, though, refused to remark on this worrying development when questioned during a recent press conference, preferring instead to announce the details of upcoming college activities (go figure) =.=”
Authorities have called for calm in the coming months – D’Batch president calling for “a batch spirit which transcends the award of offer letters” in an interview at the local Surau.
Regardless, there is no denying that the placements are a very real threat to KMB security. Everyone live in a climate of terror, seemingly surrounded by enemies who were once friends.
It seems only to be a matter of time before the Banting Spring explodes into life – AP

Disclaimer: Comments from the ‘sources’ quoted above (Kuchai, MPP financial records, Head of Public Relations Bureau, President of D’Batch) are totally made up and should not be taken seriously. Everything in the above ‘article’ is a work of fiction and is a product of my overactive imagination only…

Or is it?

Okay, okay, fineeee...the situation isn’t THAT dramatic, but isn’t it true that the offer letters have divided KMB-ians? And isn’t it true that little joy can be found on either side of the divide? Those without offer letters (obviously) are saddened; but those with offer letters too feel only temporary delight before a creeping sense of guilt overtakes them. Guilt stemming from the feeling that they are somehow leaving their friends behind.

“Somehow I don’t want this offer, placement anymore if it only destroys happiness”, an IUMC-bound friend of mine told me in a bout of such sadness. She wanted to comfort friends who didn’t get offers, but was countered with comments like “those who got the offers will never understand our situation”.

Such a situation is not unique to her. KMB-wide there exists, not anger, but a feeling of despair+guilt+helplessness that definitely isn’t fun. But take a pause and think about it: should we really be feeling this way?

I it as a blessing that we have secured a place in KMB anyway: that we have had the opportunity here to meet roommates, classmates, maybe even a soul mate, whom have found a place in our hearts. And it is not a blessing that we have that heart in the first place?

This offer letter fuss has made us yearn for what we do not have, instead of treasuring what we do. By painting a mirage of what could happen, it has made us forget of what already has.

Yes, some would argue that I am in no position to tell people to ‘cheer up’. I am, after all, one of those who have received an offer letter. Which means that if a Banting Spring really does begin I will probably be on the receiving end of a beating (I can’t run very fast).

But my gratitude today does not stem from that offer letter alone – although I really, really am grateful for it. No, I am thankful for ALL that I have. A non-comprehensive list of things I am blessed with in the past 19 ½ years on this Earth, off the top of my head right now, would look something like this:
  1. an awesome family,
  2. a complete set of body parts in the correct proportions (lazy eye notwithstanding),
  3. great friends everywhere I had the privilege to spend time in which includes:
  4. an awesome neighbourhood called Puteri 8,
  5. an awesome school called SKPJP,
  6. another awesome school called SMKPBP(1),
  7. an awesome PLKN camp called Kem Temasya Rimba Templer,
  8. an awesome college called KMB,
  9. committed teachers at 5, 6 and 8,
  10. a neighbourhood futsal court,
  11. a neighbourhood playground,
  12.  neighbours to play futsal and ‘Dinosaur’ with at 10 and 11,
  13.  a wonderful childhood,
  14.   enough food and oxygen for the last 19 ½ years,
  15.  the mere but profound fact that I’m alive

And I’m sure I’m not alone in this. Look closely enough and we are all blessed.

So, as long as I can say it, I’ll say it: friends…please cheer up. As we are all blessed, the next step is to be happy. Because:

“…And We will reward the grateful” [3:145]