Monday, August 22, 2016

It's easy to look down on babies;
those chubby piles of blubber who don't seem to know how to do anything  
but eat, sleep, poop and cry
(and bite - yes, Dik, I'm referring to you.)

Yet babies are doing something many of us cannot claim to be doing:
Growing up - physically, mentally, emotionally. 

Because how many of us "grown ups" forget to do just that?
We forget to grow up, and merely grow old;
living our lives blindly from point A to point B,
from task to thoughtless task.

So perhaps it is from those chubby piles of blubber
who seem to know nothing
that we have to take a big lesson;
one that we all once knew 
but many of us have forgotten:

to be amazed with everything, 
to smile sincerely,
to learn readily.
To grow up.

Happy birthday, Dik :)
(And all the best for your test tomorrow. Don't bite anyone 😑)