Thursday, December 24, 2009

Grudgingly Proud

A wise man (a.k.a. me) once said: "It is strange that people are afraid of exams; they should actually be afraid of the results". An irrelevant phrase? Not really.

Because today my sister accepted her PMR results, and lo and behold (to quote Enid Blyton), she got straight A's. That's right! My sister, the supposedly "average" student, has proved her critics (myself included) wrong in emphatic style with EIGHT big, fat A's.

To this, I do not really know how to react. Don't get me wrong: a part of me wants to jump up and down with her while shrieking in a girly soprano voice (a sound which normally arises from my voicebox during roller coaster rides). Yet, another part of me (my ego, perhaps?) feels strangely hurt. After careful analysis, I have put this mixed feeling down as either a side effect of sibling rivalry or a clear indication that I'm a lousy brother.

Being the eldest child in my family does have its perks. Case in point: I have the inherent right to boss my other 3 sibling around - a right I happily exercise every other day. But there are disadvantages, of course. Sometimes I get the feeling that in this minefield that is life, I as the eldest sibling have to bear the brunt of all those mines so that I can leave a clear path in the field for my siblings' journey in life. Above all, the biggest downside of this eldest child business is the constant pressure exerted on my shoulders by the fact that I am THE role model for them. I can almost see my young brother saying: "so that is how you avoid a mine...thanks brother!". Meanwhile, my face looks like this:

Hmm..perhaps I'm being a bit dramatic and emo-fied...but the fact does not change that I am a teeny-weeny bit jealous of my sis. The certificate hanging beside my study table which shows my PMR results (which by the way was 7A 1B) now taunts me everytime I pass it:

I mean, look at that thing! Its pure EVIL, man!!! I guess there are only two things in the universe that can make you either feel like you're on top of the world or at the bottom of the barrel: football and exams

I guess at the end of the day, when it's time to look back, I have to say that I am proud of myself and my achievements so far, and as much as I hate to admit it, I really am proud of my sister. Sigh. I guess its time to practice my girly scream...

The immediate effect of my girly scream