Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My Korean Family

It was a clear night, no clouds in the sky, a few stars here and there, the air fresh because it had been raining earlier...even though I was studying for my SPM (we all know how that sucks), I had to admit that it was a nice night. Then I heard an ear drum-busting scream from downstairs. Shocked, I realized it was my sis.

I cooled myself down and attempted to remember the moves I learnt in the taekwondo lessons I took once upon a time, ready to use them on whatever threat making my sis scream. As i was about to practice my jumping front kick and back kick, I heard my sis' voice again, this time screaming (I quote): "Ohmygod! He is so SWEET!!". That caught me thinking: which person in his/her right mind would call an intruder "sweet"?

I tiptoed down, ready to unleash hell on an unsuspecting and supposedly "sweet" robber. Instead, I found my sis in front of the TV, eyeballs glued to the screen in a trance-like state, a goofy smile on her face. I didn't know it at that time, but my sister had become the first person in my house to be infected. Her personality was slowly becoming eroded, and in its place was a growing obsession of all things Korean - that's right, she was watching...a Korean drama!!! (cue dramatic music)

Ahem, apologies for my outburst, but it was totally warranted. My sis should have been quarantined until all elements of Korean drama-ness in her had withered off, but my family, oblivious to the danger, let her be, free to spread the disease. It was only a matter of time before another member of the household was infected, and the next victim to fall was a person fully susceptible to romantic sentimentality: my poor mother (a moment of silence)

Soon, both my sis and mum were in front of the TV 24/7. At the dinner table, they would be earnestly discussing the plot of the latest episode, squealing at how cute the hero is, how sad the heroine's situation is, how evil the villain is...nobody seems to remember that the handsome first son of the family (that's me, f.y.i.) is taking an important exam. Whatever, I don't care (sob)

The next person to be infected was a neighbour of mine who happens to be my sis' best friend. Her name is Petra (not her real name), and she was totally in it as well. Here is an excerpt of a conversation between my sis and Petra:

Sis: Ohmygod!!! Is Hero A just CUTE or what?!
Petra: EXACTLY!!! But Hero B is so SWEET!!!
Sis: Yea! I so would like the heroine to end up with Hero B, but I care about hero A just as much, too...
Petra: Ohmygod, I know exactly what you mean! I've gotten to the stage where I almost don't care who she ends up with, but if she ends up with A, what about B?!
Sis: And if she ends up with B, what about A?
Petra: Exactly! Its like their torturing us with this, you know? ARGH!!!

The whole time, I was sitting nearby, forced to watch the drama because they were hogging the TV. Mind you, I had just returned home from school after taking 3 whole SPM papers, and that conversation definitely didn't help with the stress fogging my mind...

They became addicts, in the purest sense...I came back from football one day to see them crying pool-loads of water in front of the TV with a depleted box of tissues in front of them.

Eventually, they finished every single episode on the DVD. I breathed a sigh of relief...finally, the TV is mine again! Turns out, not for mum and sis purchased a new Koren drama DVD In record time, and my Dad and I were back to putting up with discussions about heart wrenching plots at the dinner table.

What happens next still shocks me to this DAD became infected...i mean, out of all people, my football-loving, middle-aged DAD!!!

I really am the last survivor in this house. I don't know how long I will be able to withstand the choking, sentimental Korean dramas hanging in the air like a nuclear mushroom cloud, but I plan to stay healthy as long as possible. If I do come down with it, I want you to kill me immediately, for I would never want to infect anyone else with this dangerously infectious disease. Ever!!