Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Though even in the midst of disease, flowers can still bloom,
it is easier to live in fear of the former
than to appreciate the beauty of the latter.
The logo of CancerFly are two butterflies - 
apt creatures to represent such a project:
an online portal set up to help cancer survivors find jobs; 
to help them find their wings again after a brush with cancer. 
It is an impressive, visionary initiative; one befitting a forward-thinking First World nation, 
one which makes me refreshingly proud to be Malaysian.

In the midst of all the negative press about the state of our country today, it is heartening to see that such efforts DO take place here in Bolehland..
that in the midst of disease, flowers can bloom.

(Pictures taken at a CancerFly bazaar, I was 'forced' into a picture by a group of cancer survivors from the National Cancer Society of Malaysia who were selling shirts beautifully hand-painted with flowers.)