Wednesday, February 8, 2017


"Hello..are you Malay or Chinese..?"

To be honest, it was a perfectly valid question to ask me: 
the mixed melayu-cina guy who, 
among Malays, looks the most Chinese; 
and among Chinese, looks the most Malay.

A valid question. But was it the most relevant?
Because the next question from the man was a request for me to help him jump-start his car.

Has it gotten this bad in Malaysia?

Yes sure (and Alhamdulillah), 
we are not physically at each other's throats, nor in open armed conflict with each other - 
is it not enough of a tragedy 
that sentiments of race 
have gotten in the way of our common humanity -
that we now have to know someone's race before asking for their help?

It didn't work, in the end. 
We failed to jump-start his car, and I had to leave him with his car still unable to start.

I pray there is more hope for the broken relations between the races of this country,
then there is for the broken car.