Sunday, September 11, 2016


But then, what is love -
that emotion, intangible;
that feeling, unmeasurable?
It seems that even at its most quantifiable,
love is but a complex series of chemical reactions in the brain, incomprehensible.

There doesn't seem to be a unit of measurement for love;
like there are metres and miles to measure distance,
or hertz and decibels to measure sound.

And so, empty sound
is what "I love you"
too often turns out to be.

That, to me, 
was prophet Ibrahim's lesson
in his willingness to sacrifice his son:

That there actually is 
a unit of measurement of love -  sacrifice.
That the more one loves, the more for his object of love
he should be willing to sacrifice.

Ibrahim's love to God was not intangible,
not empty - it was proven by his willingness to sacrifice what he loved most in this world.

Eiduladha is a celebration of that sacrifice; of that love.

selamat hari raya, everybody!! 🙂