Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Goodbye, Fikri

The airport took my housemate away today,
and so in this house I am now alone.

But I guess that's the nature of my course:
come 5th year you gotta start getting used to 
people entering and leaving Life at the hospital, and 
entering and leaving your life at the airport.

My discussion with Fikri yesterday was quite a deep one.
Over iftar we contemplated the temporality of this dunya,
and the basis of human relationships,
and indeed, how fleeting those relationships are 
if not fillah; for Allah.

On that basis, what we should aim for 
is to be with our loved ones forever
not in this dunya, but
in a good place in the hereafter.

Thanks for all the reminders, Fikri.
May we meet twice:
Once in this dunya, once in Jannah, biidznillah :')

(Now..back to the attic 😩)

P.s. ak balik tadi, hari cerah kot..siap gi jogging. Alhamdulillah doa ko termakbul haha. Make doa that the rest of my days will be sunny, til the day I go home to my family..ameen!

P.p.s. thx again bday present ak. Heart-warming..harap2 room-warming jgak winter nnt. 😝

P.p.p.s bajet macho gile muka ko dlm gamba2 ni