Friday, March 4, 2016

To Commit

The goalkeeper who runs out of goal,
the person who founds a club,
the man who decides to settle down -

they are wildly different situations with a common thread:
it involves making a decision, and committing to it.

But commitment (by its very nature)
is not without risks:
the risk of failure, 
of heartbreak, 
or plain embarrassment.

It is no surprise why many choose not to commit;
thinking it's the safest choice to make.

But then they do not realize
that the act of not making a choice 
is itself a decision.

So..what to do?
No risk, no rizq.

P.s. Maybe the inability to make a decision is a symptom of an underlying disease: an unwillingness to take responsibility.

P. p. s. there is, though, one relationship in which there is no risk in committing to. The relationship with Allah lah..duhh ✌🏻️

#salamjumaat #imanbarunakup #amsyajanganpressure