Monday, February 8, 2016

CNY with the Grandkids

It's a yearly tradition which I've been missing for the last few years: 
the Chinese New Year Eve reunion dinner with family and friends. 
A price to pay for living so far from home.

This year was little different:
I didn't have dim sum or shark fin soup at a Chinese restaurant (Taiba pon boleh la..),
and no we didn't do 'yee sang' with the half chicken with rice
nor 'yam seng' with the mint tea,
but this year I had a chance to dine with my cucu2 usrah.

Yes, a sincere da'ie should put hopes of reward for his efforts 
first and foremost from Allah in the hereafter,
but SubhanAllah, sometimes Allah lets us see 
the fruits of dakwah blossom even in this world.
Those fruits are my cucu2 usrah.

Good job, Irfan..I'm impressed! 😉
*muka x impressed* :p

Anyways, from my clan to all of you...
Gong Xi Fa Cai!!! 

With love, 
Kong Kong (atuk) usrah 👲🏻

P.s. special thanks to uncle Wafi for joining us and making the reunion complete!