Tuesday, December 15, 2015

I am Independent

"I am independent"
It is the lie we are taught to believe in
as we travel through life;
and as we start 
moving out of our childhood bedroom,
becoming more educated,
and making more money,
it is a lie
we start to believe in.

"I am independent",
because I pay my own bills,
I make my own decisions,
I am my own man.

But what a delusion it is
it is not food that gives us nourishment, 
it is not an education that gives us knowledge, 
it is not friends or family that make us feel loved, 
but it is God who does..
even if He does it via 
the food, education, or friends and family 
that He grants us.

"I am independent";
the falseness of this delusion 
lies naked for all to see
at those points in our lives when
we are starving,
or unloved;

and the fragility of the human
body, mind, and heart
is laid bare.

You are not independent.
Where does your dependence lie?