Wednesday, November 4, 2015


Perhaps we don't find peace in our solat
not because we have forgotten "how"
but because we have forgotten "why".

The irony being 
that the answer to the question "why solat?" 
is, actually,

You see,
it is the nature of the dunya 
to make us fixated on 
the "how"s of life:
how to get a girlfriend,
how to raise our kids,
how to graduate from uni;
so much so that
we start defining ourselves 
by those "how"s: 
"I'm a lover,
a mother, 
a student."

Against this background,
the solat is, actually,
a redefinition of self
prescribed 5 times a day;
because, you see,
it is the nature of the solat
to make us remember 
the "why" of life:
"I'm an abid of Allah."

But it can only be so
if we stop misperceiving it as
as a mere ritual,
and stop the "how"s of life
from intruding into it.

Perhaps then
we shall find peace in our solat.