Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Allah has spread the 5 solat throughout the day
like paradise islands in this ocean called the Dunya -
so that at set times of the day
we can go ashore,
take refuge, take a break
before we continue the difficult swim
through the Dunya.

But instead we can't bear
to stay too long on these God-given islands
(Naudzubillah..maybe we don't even visit them!)
and prefer to stay all day in stormy waters.

Take a long hard look at your daily schedule:

Are the five daily prayers
a sanctuary from worldly concerns,
or merely 
just another appointment
to add to that busy schedule?
Just another event to be rushed through?

Enjoy your solat..
take it slow,
feed your spiritual needs;

you have nothing to lose but the anxiety in your heart.