Monday, August 1, 2011

The Declaration of the Rights of the Announcer


This declaration is made in the wake of several complaints/requests to the Public Relations Bureau of the Students' Representative Council (SRC), along the lines of:

  1. "There are too many announcements…its becoming boring"
  2. "Can't the clubs use the notice board to announce stuff?"
  3. "Perlu ke announce dalam BM?"
  4. "Mike, are you OK?"


From these comments, several underlying tenets can be obtained. This declaration is based on those fundamental principles, which we take to be self-evident.

  1. The right of all KMB-ians to information, from whatever medium.
  2. The right of all KMB-ians to carry out activities, scheduled or unscheduled, without interruption.
  3. The right of the announcer as a KMB student.


With respect to the above principles, several flaws to the current use of the PA system can be condensed into three chief points:

  • Too many announcements
    • The announcement of every trivial detail through the PA system makes the PA system irrelevant and the notice board redundant.

  • Interruption of vital college activities (i.e. classes, kulsem) by announcements
    • This obstructs the right of teachers to teach.

  • Stress to the announcer
    • An effectively 16-hour "on-call" period daily for every little announcement causes the announcer unnecessary physical, mental and emotional stress.


The Declaration of the Rights of the Announcer:

As such, the Rights of the Announcer are thus Declared:

  1. The right of the announcer to announce only college activities, not club activities.
  2. The right of the announcer to refuse to announce trivial announcements.
  3. The right of the announcer to refuse to make announcements during class; but circumstances of the announcements will be taken into consideration.
  4. The right of the announcer to make special announcements, i.e. at the request of the college administration, teachers, or the Students' Representative Council (SRC)
  5. The right of the announcer to make announcements in Malay, English or both; but preference will be given to English due to the results of a Facebook survey.


A description of the implementation of this declaration, effective the 2nd of August 2011:

  1. Clubs will have to rely on the notice board to disseminate information.
  2. The PA system will only be used for official college activities, stated in the annual schedule (takwim). However, clubs carrying out activities for those college activities (i.e. the Interactive Peers during the college-sanctioned Banting Extended Experience program) may utilize the PA system, but only during the course of the college activity.



The principles of this declaration will be exercised by the Public Relations Bureau for as long as such a post exists in the SRC. It may seem to be a shirking of responsibility by the Bureau, but, as justified below, it is not.

KMB clubs will be the party feeling most hard done by this declaration, but in the long run it benefits the students, teachers, the announcer and even the clubs themselves by reducing the dependence on the PA system. KMB-ians can also benefit from a quieter KMB, with a drastically less active PA system.

Make use of the notice board, as KMB-ians of generations past have. In the words of a KMB-ian:

"If our seniors survived without the PA system, why can't we?"

In the spirit of independence and survivalism inherent in us KMB-ians, may the spectre of the PA system be put to rest. And may we always



"Strive for Global Excellence"